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Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 12 is Korean, Manga, Raw, Spoilers, SBS Drama that will be updated on this channel with High Quality DvD Video Parts available on Thursday & Friday Nights with Special Episode on every weekend is waiting for you where you get instant updates on Long Preview Time Slip Dr Jin.

Time Slip Dr Jin, has a theam of Time-Travel in which we will be seeing a doctor named as Jin Hyuk who travel back to 1711 Era which is of Joseon Dynasty Period, there he started to treat people, Song Seung Hun which is playing role of Jin Hyuk is quite genius neurosurgeon with severe and cold attitude in his interaction with other people due to his personal pursuit of perfection.

As Time Slip Dr Jin, has started to treat people in old era but due to lack of important implements and rudimentary medical knowledge of period forces him to seek new ways to aid the sick at those times. Time Slip Dr Jin, shows us that he did not lose hope and face challenges whole heartily and eventually become genuine doctor of that era.

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